Are you looking for a simple way to have your product seen by a growing audience of over 80k indie fans and game developers? If so, then please consider advertising with The Indie Game Magazine.

We offer two forms of advertising:

Magazine Advertising

If you’d like to see your game/bundle/studio advertised inside the pages of our new and improved Indie Game Magazine, then let’s make it happen! We offer affordable advertising rates to support the indie community, and give our fans relevant ads they’ll actually want to see! Take a look at our low, low rates:

Inside cover $150.00
2-page spread $125.00
Full page $75.00
Half page $50.00
Quarter page $25.00

Website Advertising

For a flat fee, we offer 30 days of advertising. All of our website ads will be broadcast on our main page as well as each article page, maximizing the reach of each ad. Indie developers are eligible to receive a steep discount on advertising, as we’d like to support the community as much as possible. We will rotate up to three ads in a given space as a slideshow, to allow as many developers as possible to gain exposure on our site per page load, though developers may opt to make up the difference and buy out the entire ad space.

If you’re interested to hear more about our rates, have further questions about our advertising procedures, or even better, want to get started advertising today(!), please send any advertising inquiries to We look forward to working with you!