IGF Student Showcase Winners Announced

Yesterday the IGF announced the 8 student showcase winners for its 15th annual awards from its over 300 entries.  Each winner will receive $1,000, a spot on the GDC show floor and is eligible for the $3,000 Student Showcase grand prize at the IGF in March.  Now onto the games and finalists:

ATUM by Sassybot Studio / Team Cupcake

ATUM is a game that pulls the player into a world where the player is the mechanic. It brings a novelty take on the point-and-click gameplay of previous generations and it combines it with ‘platformer puzzles. The game plays with the concept of multi-layer gameplay, dipping its layers in mathematical loops and philosophical recurrences.

Back to Bed from DADIU

Bob the sleepwalker has a habit of always falling asleep in hazardous places.
Luckily for Bob, his subconscious protector, Subob, is always ready to save him. Now the challenge for Subob is to guide Bob to safety, across rooftops, avoiding falls, and around dangerous creatures from the nightmares of Bob.

Blackwell’s Asylum from DADIU

The year is 1890. The fog lays heavy around the Blackwell Women’s asylum. A scream penetrates the silence? Your scream! It’s cold. A warden is holding you down; you kick him, but no use. The doctor bends down, smiling. He injects a shot in your neck. Everything goes hazy! Someone calls for the doctor? sound waves ripple before your eyes. The warden lets go of your arms and leaves. No more of this? you force yourself up, stumble towards the door? There’s only one thing to do; get out!

Farsh by Mahdi Bahrami & Moslem Rasouli

Simply a game based on rolling and unrolling a farsh (persian rug)

Knights of Pen & Paper by Behold Studios

Knights of Pen&Paper is an indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG. Inspired by the great titles of the 90’s, play this game feels like you are playing a traditional pen and paper RPG.

the mindfulxp volume from Carnegie Mellon University

The mindful xp Volume is a compilation of eight games each attempting to achieve personal, intimate, and ultimately meaningful experience through game mechanics and play. Each game with its own unique mechanics, aesthetics, and narrative represents a different experiment with meaning and artistry through videogames. Through conventional mechanics like shooting and non-conventional mechanics like holding hands, through heavily linear experiences focused on story to freeform explorations of systems of play, each game strives to deliver a thoughtful experience. The mindful xp Volume is designed for players who are interested in looking beyond just fun and exploring games as a medium of communication and expression.

Pulse by Team Pixel Pi

Pulse is a first person, suspense/survival game in which you play as a young blind girl named Eva.

Zineth by Arcane Kids

Zineth is a game made to celebrate speed, movement, and twitter.

There were also a slew of honorable mentions. Close but no cigar fellas:

You can learn more about the IGF and Student Showcase winners by visiting their website and reading their announcement.