IGF Finalists and PAX East Games Among Many Featured In The Indie Spring Sale


Today, Steam launched a nine day sale featuring indie games. The well-timed Indie Spring Sale will overlap both PAX East and the 2013 IGF awards.

The sale page is a little misleading, though. The page claims “hundreds of games” are on sale, though when you click through the banners and get into the sale page, there are only six games featured, and broken down into the PAX and IGF categories there are only twenty more total. I imagine Steam will shuffle through the entire list, daily, throughout the duration of the sale…but it is unlike Valve to make it difficult to find sales. Luckily you can search for “indie” in the store and it will aggregate all of Steams indie titles, for easy viewing.

Some of today’s featured titles include:

Guns of Icarus Online – 75% off – $4.99
Capsized – 70% off – $2.99
Awesomenauts – 50% off – $4.99
Gish – 75% off – $2.49
Samorost2 – 70% off – $1.49

Some other deals that caught my eye while browsing through the full list:

NightSky – 80% off – $1.99
Terraria – 75% off – $2.49
Dungeons of Dredmor – 50% off – $2.49
Trine – 75% off – $2.49

Visit the Steam Store Indie Spring Sale page, to see the featured titles (which can be speculated to rotate once a day), alternatively one can also view all of the games on sale by searching for the term “indie” in the store, or simply by clicking this link.

The Indie Spring Sale comes a day after the announcement that Steam would begin selling alpha builds of games, that people can get continually updated, as the developer furthers progress on completing the game. Some of the first titles included in Steam’s Early Access program include Gnomoria, Under the Ocean, and StarForge.


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