‘I Get This Call Every Day’ A Dark Satirical Look Into Customer Service

I Get This Call ss01

Point and click games have really seen a resurgence over the past year, so to stand out from this highly saturated market now you must do something a bit different.

David S Gallant, a Toronto based developer has come up with the idea of setting a new point and click game within the confines of a call centre. It’s an interesting take and although sounds mundane the game does sound quite interesting. Be sure to check out the trailer below:

Inspired by David S Gallant’s day job I Get This Call Every Day is an unwinnable scenario that forces the player to make decisions to try to get through the call in the most amicable way.

There is a wide variety of  branching outcomes that can be obtained, many of which soul crushing, but some are downright ludicrous. It’s an interesting take on the mundane and seems to satirize much of the monotony of working in a call centre, and customer service work generally.

If you have worked in customer services before you will get a lot of enjoyment out of this darkly humorous take on the working practices.

I Get This Call Every Day has been created in a very stylised and in many cases basic fashion. The graphics are reminiscent of Paint style drawing, and although it does give a rather basic look overall it’s a very interesting one that seems to work very well within the game.

I Get This Call ss02

I Get This Call Every Day was released just before Christmas (21st of December) and is currently available on a pay what you want basis (so long as you are willing to pay $2+).

David S Gallant seems a very talented individual who has grown tired of his day job, so has created a game about it. I Get This Call Every Day showcases a lot of Gallant’s dark and insightful humour that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked a customer facing 9-5 before.

Check it out here and consider buying a copy. If nothing else it will provide you with some comedic fuel when you are next interacting with that awkward customer. If you like the idea consider adding it to Steam using the Greenlight program here.

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