‘Hypership Out of Control’ Review – Simply Blown Away

Hypership Out of Control was originally part the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace, unfortunately it didn’t find much success and the developers decided to port it to the App Store.  Lucky for us that they did so because the game is fantastic in almost every way.

The 8-bit theme appears as though any arcade worth its salt in the 1980s would have this Hypership as a prominent arcade cabinet.  The player’s ship will constantly be shooting and only controls that the player has to worry about is the direction the ship is going.  That being said, the gameplay is fast paced and polished.  As the title states, the ship is out of control, meaning the ship is always getting faster and the gameplay will never slow down.  Some levels appears to be a bit sparing, due to how fast the ship is actually moving, shown by the fact that obstacles will be moving quickly and will seemingly appear out of nowhere.  All in all, the loss of a life is simply accepted and will be greeted by the player thinking how they could have changed the outcome.

Hypership is packed to the brim with four different modes consisting of: Normal, Hardcore, Coindown, and Super Speed.  They all offer

a unique little twist to the already solid gameplay.  Normal and Hardcore are just different difficulty levels of the standard game, nothing really new is done here.  Coindown is interesting if only for the fact that there is a constant “timer” counting down.  The timer is made of coins and the only way more time can be added is by collecting coins which leads to some tense situations when no coins are in site.  Super Speed is where the speed of the ship is constantly increasing and never maxes out for each level, just make you don’t blink if this mode is attempted.

Not to mention Hypership is fully compatible with GameCenter and is handled quite well by the developer.  The achievements feel perfectly spaced and some defiant ones require work to meet the requirements.  The leaderboards are unfortunately a little sparse with just over 10,000 players having recorded scores, but that does not take away from the never-ending of fun of beating someone else’s score.

There are some slight problems with the game though.  It would have been nice if there was an endless mode where the levels just kept going rather than having all the different game modes max out at level ten.  There are also six different ships available to choose from before each new game and granted they look amazing, it would have been nice if they each had a different ability.  The tutorial that most games force upon gamers their first time in opening up a game is nonexistent here.  It does actually exist, it just takes some to navigate to it and the game would have benefitted greatly from the tutorial automatically.  When I started a new game I expected to be greeted with at least a basic control overview rather I was greeted with raw gameplay and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

You can find out more information on Hypership Out of Control on the official website. The iOS version can be found at the App Store for a mere $0.99!

[review pros=”Super addictive, fun, multiple modes” cons=”Not enough variation” score=90]