Hunt, Fight, And Live As One of The Last Dragons: Dragon’s Wake

Dragon’s Wake is a 2D platformer that gives players control over a newborn dragon, recently hatched during a time of great turmoil. The world is in upheaval as civilization fights against the mighty dragons of their magical age, culling their population until virtually no adults remain. Players must control their newly born dragon and fly far and fast to survive different dangers, and eventually gain enough strength and size to fight back.


Developed by Brainbox Software, Dragon’s Wake challenges players to hunt, fight, and feed in order to survive. Eating different enemies will heal the dragon from any damage taken, though some fights are tougher and provide a greater reward in the form of extra jumps, fire breathing, and extra health. The player also follows their dragon’s wordless story of adventure and tragedy through hand-drawn comic stills, showing the path the dragon takes to survive. Certain actions taken during the game will also have effects that could mean life or death for individual NPCs met along the way.


Dragon’s Wake will be available for PC on December 11th, through Steam. To learn more, follow Brainbox Software on Twitter or “like” its game on Facebook.

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