Humble Indie Bundle X Includes Premier Indie Titles


The latest Humble Bundle has dropped today, and to the surprise of no one, nearly 25,000 bundles have already been sold at the time of writing. As per usual, the bundle is pay-what-you want, with a minimum dollar buy-in.

For the next two weeks, take advantage of this incredible deal to receive To The Moon, Joe Danger 2, Papo & Yo and Runner 2. Pay over the average admission ticket (currently valued at $6.16) to add Reus and Surgeon Simulator 2013 to the list of awesome indie games.

As has been the deal for some time now, buyers can choose how their money is split between  the developers, Humble Bundle, and the Child’s Play charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation. All games included in the bundle are DRM-free and can be claimed on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. Check out the above trailer for more details on this exciting new Humble Bundle.