‘Humans Must Answer’ Welcomes You To New Uruk


Welcome to the commercial and domestic heart of the galaxy: the most innovative city built next to the laboratories of Jupiter, bringing all of the latest scientific discoveries practically to your doorstep. New Uruk seems like a paradise, and Sumom Games is revealing the high-speed utopia of the future in their latest trailer for their first title, Humans Must Answer.

The trailer slowly reveals elements of the city while adding on layers to the music in the background, all the while layering all the visuals that go into making it the visual splendor that it is by the end of the video. Like other games of the genre, Humans Must Answer looks like it’s going to contain as much carnage that we’ve come to expect in other genre contemporaries. And if you look closely in the background you’ll be able to see a reference to our favorite theoretical physicist. Truly this is a grim future indeed.

Humans Must Answer is a classically-styled 2D space shooter set in a future filled with upgradable weapons, tough bosses, hidden easter-eggs, and  explosive action. And a crew of “intelligent and dangerous chickens” helping you pilot your ship. After receiving  a distress call that leads them to our solar system, the player and their chickens embark on a great journey through our galaxy, destroying humans and robots alike.

Slated for a release sometime this year for the PC, you can learn more about Humans Must Answer and Sumom Games on their website and development blog. Don’t forget to drop them a thumbs up on Steam Greenlight.