Humans Battle for Earth in Fight of the Legends


For those that have been missing one-on-one combat during their mobile gaming sessions, Virtualinfocom have the answer. In Fight of the Legends, currently available on Android and Windows phones, players battle it out in 1v1 fights for the fate of the entire world.

Fight of the Legends is a fighting tournament, in which the forces of light and darkness have been annihilated. Only the Thunder God, Indra, and the Lord of Hell, Narakasur, remain to represent their sides. Indra casts a desperate spell to stop Narakasur from delivering a killing blow, and sends his friend Koko to the Earth dimension. In a counter-move, Narakasur sets up a tournament in order to harness the dark energy that flows from the Earth. To stop Narakasur, Koko gives a select few human warriors the power to fight, hoping that their strength will keep Earth’s energies balanced.


Each fighter is loosely based on a mythological counterpart, and their fighting styles borrow from real-life techniques, such as boxing, karate, Thai boxing, martial arts and sword fighting. These characters were created using real-time motion capture, so the developer hopes that this will show, in the form of realistic characters and movements.

According to the studio, the inspiration for Fight of the Legends came from various myths around the world. The developers wanted to capture the characters of these myths, and visualize how they would look and, more importantly, how they would fight.


Fight of the Legends is available for Android devices for free, and on Windows phones for $0.99 USD. There is also an Apple Store icon on the website, although no date has been announced. For further information, the best place to go is the game’s official website, which has extra insight into the story and characters, as well as additional screenshots.