House of Caravan Fuses Edgar Allen Poe and Gone Home

Can Edgar Allen Poe’s tales be scarier? In House of Caravan, the developers from Rosebud Games want to set the environment in an abandoned house that mixes Poe’s classics with escape games like P.T, Gone Home, and Crimson Room. It’s also a “house escape” game that’s promising a lot of tension and puzzles to solve, including why the protagonist is locked up there in the first place.


House of Caravan is the story of a young boy who was kidnapped by strangers on his way to school in the fictional city of Candlewood. Taking his role, the player has to find a way out of the mansion he was taken to. While trying to find the way out, players will uncover mysteries about the abandoned house, the kidnappersm and the reasons they had to do it. The game has full voice acting and features a blend of narrative exploration and point-and-click adventure to set the general tone of the gameplay. A single playthrough is expected to take from 60 to 90 minutes, just like Gone Home.


Fans of suspense will be able to take a look at House of Caravan after they’ve finished reading this article, as the game is releasing today, April 16. The game is currently available for PC and Mac at launch, and sports a price point of $6.99 on Steam, after a previously successful Greenlight campaign. For further information, be sure to visit the game’s official website.

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