Horror Titans Gathering to Create Clock Tower Spiritual Successor


If you played and enjoyed Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you owe a little thanks to Hifumi Kono, the creator of a Super Famicom game called Clock Tower: The First Fear. It’s one of the earliest instances of the chase style of horror game, one where you have to hide or run from an overwhelmingly powerful opponent. I never thought a SNES-era game could scare or disturb me so much, but Clock Tower accomplished it with ease. Now, as we near the twentieth anniversary of the first game in the Clock Tower franchise, Kono has announced he’s working on a new game with a few giants in the Japanese horror industry: Project Scissors.

Masahiro Ito, background and creature designer of the first three Silent Hill games has been tapped to work on Project Scissors. Yes, the man who created Pyramid Head, as well as some of the most unsettling monsters ever used in video games, will be working on the project. With them will be director Takashi Shimizu, known for The Grudge series. The guy knows a little bit about weird things chasing people around, if you’ve seen any of those. They’re all experts at this particular kind of horror, so having these three people working on a single horror project about terrifying things chasing the player promises to create something incredible.

Details and screens on the game are in short supply, as Kono only announced the project and who would be working on it at the Tokyo Game Show a few days ago. Kono has said that it will take place on a cruise liner (which makes escape nice and impossible), and that it will be releasing on Playstation Vita and mobile devices. Beyond that, he promised that screens and a trailer would be on their way, but with no time frame on when. We’ll just all have to wait and see what sort of special horror treats these guys have in store.

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