Holographic Display “HoloCube” Coming Soon to Kickstarter

(Editor’s Note: Due to legal issues, H+ technology has rebranded their technology and the product will be known as “Holus” by the time the Kickstarter campaign launches. The team explains that “this name is based off the Greek word for ‘where all parts are present and wholly working together.'”

H+ Technology recently announced their plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign, to begin mass-production of their new HoloCube Holus product – a device that is designed to render holographic images from video games. The device will allow for 2D images to be rendered in a “simulated” 3D form as a hologram. This hologram may also be interacted with via physical movement and voice command technology, potentially opening up a whole new realm of possibilities as to what can be integrated into video games. The Holus will be compatible with personal computers, smartphones, and tablets, and comes with an open-source SDK, including Unity and Unreal engine support.

Holographic and virtual-reality technology are on an upward trend in the gaming industry, thanks in part to the massively successful Oculus Rift Kickstarter campaign back in 2012, which raised $2.43 million in backing from almost ten-thousand backers. The developers at H+ Technology are hoping to achieve similar results with the Holus, partnering with Leap and Emotiv who are tasked with assisting the team so that the product may reach its full potential.


H+ Technology will be launching their Holus Kickstarter campaign on March 18. The minimum pledge required to obtain a Holus has not been announced as of yet, though the company has valuated the product at $850 USD.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Holus or would like to sign up for your chance to win one of these devices, head on over to the H+ Technology website.