Heroes of Steel: Episode 2 – The Age of Steel Continues

You may remember that I reviewed an episodic turn-based tactics RPG called Heroes of Steel back in February, developed by the Trese Brothers and available on Android and iOS devices. The prologue of Episode 1 showed off a promising and fun game that stretched into the foreseeable future with five episodes to be released. Now, it’s time to head back into the age of steel, as Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow has been released.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what I’m rambling on about, maybe it’s best if you check out the review before you go any further.


The second episode of Heroes of Steel takes your four heroes – a warrior, wizard, mage healer and thief – to the ‘Eastern Underdeep’, lava caverns, and highlands of the east to continue with the arching plot that was begun in Episode 1. Along this next chapter of the story you will need to take everything that you learnt in Episode 1 – from different tactics and abilities to magic spells and stat-upgrading – to take down the host of new enemies that will be plotting to end you. Whether you’re into ice trolls, stone trolls, cultists, spider gods, shamans or legions of Orcin, Heroes of Steel looks to have it all. Whether you have the skill to annihilate the obstacles in your way is another question altogether, of course.

If that wasn’t enough, AI intelligence has been improved for the second episode of this RPG adventure, meaning that battles may be even more satisfying and challenging than the first. Good news, RPG lovers, good news. When not battling whatever the game throws at you, there will also be four new towns and 20 new dungeons to explore, with myriad new weapons, armour and items to discover throughout, so there’s plenty bang for your buck here.


Heroes of Steel – Episode 2: The Gathering Shadow is out now on Android and iOS devices, as well as on PC, so you can head into this deep RPG world in whatever form you’d prefer – although you can try the prologue of Episode 2 for free on mobile devices – so maybe try there first.