Help a Hedgehog Through an Existential Crisis in Tilt: Quill’s Quandary

Tilt-gif1_hqThere are some things that people may cling to which define them. It may be an ideal, or something more physical. When these defining features are lost, one may redefine one’s self or fight for what they hold dear. Case in point the story of Captain Quill, a chubby little hedgehog pirate who has lost his hat. This intrepid captain now sets off to recover what he holds dear. In Tilt: Quill’s Quandary from Noah Rosenfield and Danny Rivera, players will help Captain Quill recover his famed hat.

Players will be able to dive right into the game as the controls are simple to learn. Just tilt the device to move Quill around. Tilt even more to slide cargo around, rearranging it in a path for Quill to safely move about. The game will incorporate 100 levels of deck-tilting, hand-crafted, physics-based puzzles. There are also a few easter eggs hidden in the sea, but no micro-transactions, so players will have full access to the game after the initial purchase.

Tilt: Quill’s Quandary is expected to be released on December 10 on iOS via the App Store for $2.99 USD. To learn more about the game and its developers visit the official website, “like” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter.

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