Hello, Neighbor! Wants to Ask for a Cup of Sugar… and Crowdfunding Support

(Editor’s Note: The above trailer includes some swearing, so it might not be suitable for youngsters.)  Hello, Neighbor! is a first person tactical thriller/puzzler in development at Dynamic Pixels. The game challenges players to infiltrate their neighbor’s house, as an A.I. opponent studies and learns their tactics. The 3D graphics and cartoon style purposefully clash with the heart-pounding moments of danger during chases and while hiding from your opponent’s watchful eyes.


Hello, Neighbor! allows players to use any item they come across; they can turn on any light switch, television set, fan, or knock on any door and break any window, etc. Most objects have some use when it comes to distracting the neighbor, sneaking around the inside of the manor, or simply escaping when the neighbor catches sight of the player. The longer the game plays out, the greater the threat posed by the A.I. as it sets traps, remembers places where defenses are most vulnerable, and plans out counter-strategies to capture the player.


Hello, Neighbor! is being developed for Mac, Windows, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One platforms, so long as Dynamic Pixels encounters success with their newly launched Kickstarter Campaign. The campaign itself is requesting a pledge goal of $100,000, with several stretch goals already listed to encourage further support. As part of IGM’s Crowdfunding Promotion Initiative, select tiers also net backers digital downloads for single issues of the Magazine. For more information, follow the game’s progress on Facebook or Twitter.

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