‘Heileen 3: Sea Maidens’ Latest Addon For The Popular Heileen Series Now Available

Heileen 3

Over the past couple of years we have seen a stark increase in the number of Japanese dating sims making it to the Western market. It’s been an interesting melding of cultures and for the most part they have proven rather popular.

Winter Wolves have been developing their Heileen dating sim series for quite some time now and have managed to create a rather successful franchise out of it. Heileen 3 was the studios last release within the series and has only just seen a new expansion that drastically increases the size of the game.

Heileen 3 continues where the second one left off, taking place in the Caribbean. You are tasked with reuniting all of your companions and must aim for either a professional or romantic ending. The latest expansion, Sea Maidens greatly increases the story and gameplay of Heileen 3, adding a great deal of new content.

In Heileen 3: Sea Maidens you get access to; four new female characters to date, several addition scenes to enrich the game’s story, along with new scenes depicting the player’s progression through the 14 unique jobs.

The expansion really adds a great deal more gameplay into this compelling and very well drawn game. If you enjoy the dating sim RPG genre then be sure to check out the demo for Heileen 3, or maybe pick up the addon if you have Heileen 3.

The official Winter Wolves site can be found here.

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