Heavy the Head That Bears Serafina’s Crown

The people of the kingdom of Darzia, at present, are able to agree on just two things: One, the recent death of Queen Belatrix may have been attributed to a hunting accident, but it was definitely no accident at all. Two, the only person in the court who absolutely could not have committed the murder is Odell Perin. This means that Odell is the natural choice to serve as Lady Regent until the mystery is solved and the crown is handed to a new ruler.


Odell is less than thrilled with this appointment, but she – and the player controlling her – must set aside all misgivings for the sake of Darzia. In Serafina’s Crown, the sequel to Woodsy Studio‘s popular Serafina’s Saga, the player will walk a political tightrope to help Odell find the murderer and appoint the next sovereign. The candidates for both are considerable. The rightful heir is Serafina Elborn, the protagonist of the first game in the series; unfortunately, her husband is one of the suspects. Odell must not only untangle the threads of the mystery, but also work to stabilize the kingdom and perhaps, in her spare time, find love of her own.


The visual novel offers a branching narrative, with every decision the player makes changing the story. The decisions will also affect Odell’s stats, and these stats in turn will influence how she performs in debates against other characters. The debates are presented as a mini-game, and cover a number of topics. Every debate has the chance to reveal new information that will help Odell on her way to resolving the murder and the succession crisis.

Odell may be a neutral figure in the Darzian court, but her heart is by no means neutral. The game also presents a number of romance options for her, both male and female. Who will be her dance partner at the ball? With whom will she share her life once her duty to the throne is complete? The multiple love interests, along with all of the debates, provide hours of replay value.


Fully voice-acted and filled with intrigue, Serafina’s Crown is available for Android players in the Google Play Store for $2.99 USD, and will be coming to iOS devices in the near future. PC gamers can currently purchase the game for $7.99 USD on or Desura; it’s also on Steam Greenlight, hoping to get enough votes for release there. See what stories Woodsy Studio will be telling in the future by following them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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