Heart Forth, Alicia Has Arrived On Kickstarter

Do you like Metroidvania style games? Do you also happen to like games that look like they are straight out of the ‘90s? Then Heart Forth, Alicia might just be everything you have been looking for. Alonso Martin and his team have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring this game to full realization.

The story takes place on the fictional island of Auster. Wizards took hold of the island’s power half a century before, and thus have been cursed by the Spirit of Light to never have children again. This is when we find Alicia and Höstra, two wizards about to come of age. When another wizard is killed in their village, they run for help only to have Höstra become possessed by the Spirit and hurl Alicia off of the island. It is here that the real gameplay begins.

hearOur hero’s style of fighting is that of a warrior/wizard who uses not just magic, but also her enchanted whip to defend herself. As you level up through the game, you will upgrade your whip as well as your spells. There are also fairies that will accompany you and aid you in battle. You will explore vast forests, deserts and mountains on your journey.

There are 29 days left on the campaign, which began less than a day ago, and already Heart Forth, Alicia is incredibly close to its goal. If you would like to stay updated on the game’s progress, or just find out more information, head to either the Kickstarter page or the website.