Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Yes, Your Grace has Arrived

It’s an affirmation of compliance, and a title of an upcoming indie title by Brave at Night Studio, who is currently amidst a funding campaign for their Medieval World Sim title on Kickstarter. Taking players back to the days where breakout titles like Sim City and Genghis Khan tested the uncertain waters of resource management simulation, Yes, Your Grace blows the dust off an old and under-the-radar gameplay style that’s rarely seen today if at all.

In Yes, Your Grace, players will rule the kingdom from behind a sort of strategy game interface where resources will be managed that range from crops, to architecture supplies, and assassins that can be contracted to take out notable important figures to gain better political position. Still early in development, the title has enough developed to give potential players a taste of what the game world is like. Yes, Your Grace takes titles like Genghis Khan and Age of Empires and combines the two bringing the gameplay depth and stylistic pixel art together to create a unique experience.


The game also implements a “queued gameplay style” that allows players to select characters and queue commands, much like The Sims, where commands are carried out in sequential order from which they’re conveyed by the user. Yes, Your Grace is an IP to watch in the coming weeks and Brave at Night Studio is looking for support to make this game a virtual reality. The project is updated on their tumblr, more info can be accessed via their press kit page, and their Twitter can be found here.

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  • Kevin Fishburne

    Reminds me a bit of what Defender of the Crown tried to accomplish back in the Amiga days. God I loved that game…