‘Hartacon Tactics’ Bringing Multiplayer RPG Strategy to Xbox Live, PC


Italian developer, Daniele Messina, is trumpeting Hartacon Tactics as, “the first full multiplayer strategy RPG released in Xbox Live Indie Games.”

Hartacon Tactics has players strategically navigating their crew of characters across an isometric map while participating in turn-based tactical battles. The game is being developed with XNA 4, but Messina plans to port Hartacon Tactics to the PC in the future, and based on initial reception, he may also develop versions for use on Android and iOS devices.

“I have been developing the game for two years and the technical side is pretty much completed,” Messina explains on Hartacon Tactic’s IndieGoGo page. “I have hired artists for environment-assets, characters, and game-interface design…always aiming [for] very good artistic quality.”

Players will be able to select from eight character classes: warrior, archer, mage, healer, tank, assassin, martial artist, and “hawkman”. Messina is using 2D pre-rendered sprites derived from 3D animated models for the character designs. As players progress through battles, they can choose to either upgrade character stats, or unlock additional abilities, as their character gains experience.

Messina is offering a Hartacon Tactics map editor, for free, for anyone interested in creating a map that could possibly be used in the game. There are a few requirements and rules that the maps must be built around, but other than that, players will have free reign with their designs. More information on the map editor, can be found on Hartacon Tactics’ IndieGoGo page.

Visit Hartacon Tactics’ Facebook page and check out the game’s YouTube channel where a handful of preview videos are uploaded.


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