Hare Raising Thrills in R.A.B.B.i.T.

Rabbit screen

There’s a little-known fact about Rabbits; while they may be cute, fluffy, and cuddly, they’re actually highly trained ninjas able to sneak about through the shadows only to be seen when they want to. TriCat Games aims to give players a window into this mysterious world with their new game R.A.B.B.i.T. (Rope Assisted Ballistic Bunny in Transit).

The game gives players control of a succession of ninja rabbits as they swing from building to building in a futuristic landscape. Each level is procedurally generated offering players a different experience every time. Players simply press and hold on a surface to grapple and swing, and release to let go. There are four game modes including Survival, Sprint, Custom, and Challenge.

R.A.B.B.i.T. is currently in development with an expected release sometime this year. The game will be released on Android and iOS and will be free to play. To learn more about the game and the developer TriCat Games visit their website, and follow them on Twitter.

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