Hands-On First Look At Horror Puzzle Game ‘Whispering Willows’

With the launch of the Ouya, there will there be a launch of new titles. The developers at Night Light Interactive are working closely with the Ouya team to produce a game for their console that will also play cross-platform with Mac, Linux, and PC. Whispering Willows is a horror puzzle adventure game across five chapters that follow Elena on her journey to find her father through the haunted halls of the Willow mansion.

With what we were able to play in this very early alpha-build, Whispering Willows definitely looks promising. It’s very rough around the edges at this early state, but it was comforting to see that the developer’s  art was well implemented and the finished project should have a very cohesive art direction.

The gameplay in the demo provided teased at some elements that will have interesting repercussions when combined with more mechanics later in the game. For example, by using Elena’s astral projection ability, she can squeeze through cracks in the walls and unlock doors that are preventing her progress, although the presence of light creates an impassable barrier for her and the other spirits.

For one puzzle I needed to get a key in the attic. The ladder was too high, but I could use my astral projection to slip through a crack in the ceiling. However, even though I had made it to the attic I was unable to reach the key because my projection couldn’t go through the bright light streaming through the window. Instead of using that ability I had to move a chest under the ladder and climb up to reach it.

In the environments the player will be able to find messages and documents that flesh out the lives of the now dead inhabitants and reveal the darker secrets of Willow manor and direct the player toward the next puzzle that will move them through the game. The structure is not anything revolutionary, but the puzzles are embedded into the environment in clever ways, and I can’t wait to see what the team pulls together in the end.

Night Light Interactive has just started their Kickstarter campaign, and you can help them make Whispering Willows into the complete experience it was meant to be. Visit the campaign page or their official website to learn more.