Halfbrick Celebrates ‘Fruit Ninja’s Second Anniversary With A Free Giveaway

It’s more than likely that you know of this game for iOS and Android called Fruit Ninja. Developed by Halfbrick, the game was second only to Angry Birds in the level of popularity it enjoyed at its height, and now, two years later, Halfbrick is looking to give thanks to their fans with a second anniversary giveaway.

Though Halfbrick has been holding many different events across Australia to celebrate its biggest hits second birthday, for its fans around the world, the developer has been providing promo codes on request for the full game! There are only a couple days left, so be sure to take them up on their offer between time runs out, but whether you’re an official journalist type or average Mobile Joe, just head over to Halfbrick’s special anniversary website to claim your code before time runs out.

Don’t believe it’s that easy? Here’s all there is to it.

After you get to the anniversary site, you’ll notice a sign in the top right corner of the screen which reads “Download for free, click to redeem”. Do as it says and you will be redirected to a page which requires you to pick which region you live in, make sure you pick the right one. Finally, enter your email address and the confirmation code displayed beside it before clicking next. Within 24 hours, brickhouse will send the code to the email address provided; redeem it and let the good times roll.

It’s worth noting that the email address you enter has nothing to do with what itunes account you redeem the code on, however each email address may only receive one code, furthermore that each code is only redeemable for the iOS version. Let your friends know, Fruit Ninja is a great game, and don’t forget to thank Halfbrick for their generosity by spreading the word through the social networking outlet of your choosing.

For more information on Halfbrick or Fruit Ninja, head to their main website.