‘Guns Of Icarus Online’ Adventure Mode Aims To Expand The Games Series In A Persistent Online World


Guns Of Icarus Online - The bedazzling sunrise of war

After last year’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for Guns Of Icarus Online Muse Games are back on Kickstarter for a third time in as many years with their next proposal, an adventure mode for the highly successful Guns Of Icarus Online.

Guns Of Icarus Online is a cooperative multiplayer sky battle game in which a small team of players takes command of steampunk airships and fights to the death in fantastically created sky boxes across this fictitious landscape.

Muse Games aim to add to this already fantastic game by adding in a compelling adventure mode that expands the world’s lore to create a persistent online environment for players of rival factions to play in. The game will include various objective based missions in which you must complete a whole variety of tasks for the towns across the world. The missions will impact the world dependant on if they are completed or failed creating a great persistent online element.

Of course the key player verse player mechanics will still be used for the new adventure mode adding in the ability to raid enemy towns along with just intercepting player’s ships as they move around the world.

The way you play the adventure mode will determine how the world is shaped changing from day to day from the simple trade tasks to burning villages down, it will all create meaningful and lasting affects across the world really creating a great dynamic environment for players to shape.

The whole idea of having a persistent online world is great but also quite a tall order even for the very talented Muse Games and will the vision match the reality? Well considering the team’s track record I think it is a fairly safe bet to say they do indeed know what they are doing with game development, so maybe the risks are not all that high.

Muse Games currently have an active Kickstarter campaign for the adventure mode side to Guns Of Icarus and with it already raising over a quarter of the funds whilst still having 54 days to go the projects to be gaining quite a bit of traction already.

However if you would like to find out more about this very interesting new addition to the Guns Of Icarus series be sure to check out Muse Games’ Kickstarter page. If you like what you consider backing the project.

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