Guide Prized MMA Fighters to the Top of the Rankings in MMA Manager

MMA Manager is a strategy simulator developed by Bit By Bit Games, which was founded by ex-Lionhead Developers Matthew Hanlon and Kieran Nee. The game allows players to step into the shoes of a mixed martial arts manager with the goal of setting up the best team of fighters from different weight classes and guide them to the top.

mma_screen8MMA Manager uses simple 2-D graphics to portray the required duties of managing a fighter’s career. This includes hiring coaches for hands-on training, and making important decisions such as cornering a fighter to avoid serious injury. Funds earned from the winnings and sponsorships can then go towards expanding the gym for better training opportunities, while the reputation of the fighter assists in negotiations for fights and different leagues. Players will also need to respond to other issues that fighters might bring up, including missing weight, taking on serious injuries, and even drug charges. Is that fighter worth keeping? Or is it time to cut him loose and start from scratch?

MMA Manager is available for iOS and Android mobile devices for only $1.99. For more information on this and future Bit By Bit Games, follow the team on Twitter or like their Facebook page.

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