Guide Me Asks Players to do Just That

India-based indie game developer Ramat Gamat Studio just announced the release date for their 2D action puzzle game, titled Guide Me. The game focuses on three characters — Alpha, Beta and Gamma — who are lost in a world that is completely dark. The player’s role is to illuminate areas to help guide the three to safety.

Guide Me

The idea for the game came during BYOG-2014’s 48 hour competition. Back then it was a prototype with 4 levels, and a tedious UI. After the competition, the studio worked on the game for almost 2 months on a part-time basis, averaging about 10 hours a week. New levels were designed, mechanics were improved, the UI was reconstructed, and a new look was created. However, the game was still far from release; With a long way to go, the founding three members of Ramat Gamat Studio quit their full time jobs to fully pursue the development of Guide Me.

Guide Me1

As a result of this decision, Guide Me will launch on Android devices on August 1, for free. To learn more about Guide Me, follow the game on Twitter, ‘like’ it on Facebook, or visit the official website. To learn more about the developer Ramat Gamat Studio, visit their official website, follow them on Twitter, or ‘like’ their Facebook.

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