Guide a Rag-Tag Group of Nobodies to Victory in Disposable Heroes

Once upon a time, in a peaceful land, a queen birthed the future prince of the kingdom. The happiness turned quickly into horror when the child saw the sun for the first time; due to some inexplicable magic, he made the sun disappear. The child decides to make a run for it before the king has to make the tough decision to sacrifice his own son.


That’s the intro to Disposable Heroes, an action-variety title that just hit Steam. Players take on the role of hapless villagers tasked with disposing of the supposedly-evil son, now lurking deep in an evil forest. The winding path of over 60 game levels carries increasingly wild challenges. From witches and warlocks to zombies and orcs, Disposable Heroes presents a variety of monsters ready to tear the heroes to pieces. The action is primarily top-down hack n’ slash, but there are also cart-riding and catapult battles. As for the characters, one or two people can team up and fight by controlling the Wizard, Princess, Gladiator, or Orc.


The Dutch studio Evilized Productions has been developing Disposable Heroes for about seven months, steadily evolving the concept from a wandering villager on a horse to more and more absurd four-character adventures. There is a lot of work left, and the team continuously comes up with new secrets, levels, and ideas. Evilized decided to go with Early Access for about six or seven more months to polish the game.

Disposable Heroes just launched on Steam for Windows machines. For more information on the game, check out its website and stay updated via Twitter and Facebook.

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