Guacamelee! Developer’s New Game Coming Exclusively to PS Vita

Drinkbox Studios created a wonderful look for their previous game, Guacamelee!, and this same striking style will be carrying over into their new title, Severed. Unlike Guacamelee!, you’ll only be able to get this game on PS Vita when it comes out in Spring 2015. With its touch controls, it looks like it will be making use of the system’s neat capabilities to give players an interesting first-person hack and slash experience.


Hacking and slashing implies a kind of careless approach to combat, but Severed‘s first-person combat requires precision cuts for players to get through it. Starring a one-armed heroine wielding a living sword, players can increase her powers using totems and some light RPG elements. The totems she can equip are all gained from unbalancing the bosses you face and severing their limbs as well, so aimlessly slashing at them won’t do players much good in the long run. Touch screen controls will allow for some specific strikes, meaning players will be expected to carve their enemies up just right into order to remove some limbs and get new gear or upgrades.


Don’t expect straightforward monster fights from the game, either, as Drinkbox’s signature style has created some strange beasts. How do you cut limbs off of a hostile constellation, anyway? The game is not going to make it easy for players to know which limbs to cut off or where to attack, showcasing many different monsters with weak points that may be difficult to pinpoint. The heroine’s journey doesn’t look like it will be an easy one, but at least Drinkbox’s art style will make it easy on the eyes when it comes out in a few months.


For more information on Drinkbox Studios and Severed, you can head to the game’s website or follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter.

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