Grow Japanese Carps into Mythological Dragons with Zen Koi

Koi fish are beautiful Japanese carps with scales in many vivid colors. Mobile game Zen Koi aims to provide a meditative Koi breeding experience that takes the fish on a transformative journey.

zenkoifishIn Zen Koi, the player controls a Koi fish in a large pond, chasing and consuming other, smaller fish. The food helps the fish grow stronger on its way to ascension. That translates into acquiring ability points, which can be freely allocated between agility, speed, and rarity. As the fish levels up, the player can find other Koi fish in the pond to breed with, creating new, colorful offspring. There’s also the possibility of gifting and trading the carp between friends. For the truly skilled Koi breeders among us, breeding special types which feature with iconic Koi patterns grants awards and achievements.

The gameplay is intended to be a relaxing experience, and the team tasked SystemSovereign and IMBA with creating a soothing soundtrack that will help set the mood… for Koi breeding. The ultimate goal is to ascend the Koi fish into dragon form, which isn’t based on scientific accuracy, but rather a traditional Japanese story about a Kio fish who was transformed into a golden dragon.

Zen Koi is a free mobile game that is available now, currently released on Google Play and iTunes. Be sure to check out the game’s website for more information and additional screenshots.

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  • Justyna Yuzuki Skoluda

    Looks good, I hope there will be a Windows Phone version soon :)