‘Grimoire’ Prepares to Cast a Spell on Steam

The three-man team known as Omniconnection LLC is very excited about the progress of their forthcoming game, Grimoire. The magical war zone is preparing to release on PC; they’ve already conducted open Alpha tests and are finally getting ready to launch.


Grimoire is a multiplayer game, and essentially a magic-based FPS. The player takes on the role of a wizard who lives in a dark medieval fantasy world, and he or she must battle against other wizards for glory and power. Though it is something of an FPS, the devs are quick to point out that Grimoire is very different from your typical shoot-em-up, with their array of deadly and extraordinary spells to be acquired. There are customizable classes for the wizards, each with their own specialized skill tree, and the combat is designed to reward precise aim, as well as strategy and teamwork.


The developer’s plan is to create and release seven planned game modes for Grimoire, but for the initial launch, they have decided to keep the primary focus on their three favorites: Co-Op Survival, Arena, and Conquest. In particular, the Conquest mode is slated for early release on Steam. The remainder of modes, along with additional classes and spells, are intended to be added as free content updates throughout the early release period.

The devs are planning to launch both a Kickstarter and a Greenlight campaign simultaneously in mid-August, at which time the official game trailer and a demo will also be available. Keep track of the magical excitement via their Twitter account.

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