Greg Norman Endorses The Golf Club

The Golf Club, an upcoming golf game by HB Studios, has received a pretty awesome endorsement for its course designer program. The endorsement is by Greg Norman Golf Course Design, which is not only a company headed by Greg Norman, a former number one world ranked golfer, but is also one of the top three golf course design companies in the world.

This is an endorsement that is good news for all, especially fans of golf games, as it proves how advanced the course design feature of the game is. Greg Norman only puts his name and company behind companies that are cutting-edge, and allows for Greg Norman and his team to virtually experience the courses they are designing, allowing their clients to experience their idea before ever touching the land.

Golf Club Image

“We are excited about our new partnership with HB Studios which will allow my design company to visualize our golf courses before any dirt has been moved onsite,” said Greg Norman. “This new software tool will allow our design clients to play the golf holes on a computer while the project is still in the design phase and construction has yet to start which will provide a significant cost savings as well as a sales and marketing advantage to our clients.”

Other than featuring a top of the line course designer, The Golf Club is also a fully featured golf game where players can participate in tours, tournaments, match play, stroke play (that’s a golf term, I swear), and 4-ball. Of course, players can also utilize the course designer to create an endless amount of courses, or search through a multitude of them that have been created by other community members.

The Golf Club is currently available as a Steam Early Access title for $34.99, so those ready to check out the power of the course designer can do so. The Early Access version comes packed with the acclaimed course designer, stroke play (honest!), match play, and 4-ball. The Golf Club is set for worldwide release later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

HB Studios is a Canadian based development team that was founded in 2000 and has seen the release of 43 titles, as well as selling over  23 million combined units.

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