Gravius – Gravitating Towards an Early Grave

Gravius logo unedited

The dream of exploring space is a common one. It has a mystique that transcends the relatively dull task of mapping the universe.

Gravius, from the developers at Black Mantis Games, is attempting to draw on that mystique and wonder by allowing players to explore uncharted planets. Players take control of a small spaceship that functions by launching itself from planet to planet. In order to chart a planet, all the ship has to do is reach the unexplored planet’s orbit.

Gravius screenshot

The actual planet-hopping is achieved by tapping the screen just as the orbit of the ship is correctly aimed at the planet the player wants to explore. In other words, the ship swings around a planet, and is (hopefully) slung neatly into the orbit of the next planet when the screen is tapped.

The danger, as with any real orbit, is having an incorrect angle. More accurately, the danger is having too steep of an angle. Even more accurately, the danger is slamming a ship into the ground and, by extension, into so many tiny bits.

In addition to exploring planets, there are alien artifacts to find and high scores to chase, meaning Gravius is trying hard not to be a one-trick spaceship. The game is out now for iOS devices, and those interested can pick it up at the current price tag of $0.99 USD. Additional information about Black Mantis Games can be gleaned from their website, where more details about Gravius can be found as well.

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