Gravity Ghost Releases Story Trailer in Anticipation of Steam Launch

Ivy Games has released a new story trailer for their game Gravity Ghost, a unique game featuring gravity mechanics, with a soundtrack by Ben Prunty, composer of the FTL: Faster than Light soundtrack. In the game, players explore a surreal world where anything is possible, and failure is quite literally not an option. With the ultimate goal of making something to introduce any and all people to games with inviting graphics and intuitive controls, Ivy Games wanted to share the touching story of Iona, a girl, on her way to find her friend, a fox. How are the stories of the characters in the trailer and that of Iona intertwined? That is one thing players must discover.


Throughout Iona’s journey, she encounters shattered pieces of a galaxy, filled with survivors in need of help; once rescued, these survivors can in return help Iona. Seven magical guardians hold challenges, as well, and while the gameplay is dynamic, it’s not designed to be frustrating: As mentioned above, there is no way to fail. You cannot kill or be killed. You simply are, for hours of orbiting, jumping, and exploring. Players progress by grabbing stars while sling-shotting their way from one gravitational field to the next in order to open doors to new levels. For those feeling bold, they can pick up the flowers scattered around the map to lengthen the trail of light left behind for a more beautiful and ethereal effect. Other aspects of the game’s visuals are affected by actions taken as well.

guardian trail

The official release date for Gravity Ghost is Monday, January 26. It is currently available for pre-order from the website at 33% off ($9.99 for two more days). Upon the official release on Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux, it will be available at the intended $14.99 price tag. Every purchase will actually include two copies of Gravity Ghost – reaffirming the team’s intention of encouraging a non-gamer friend to try it out with you – for the foreseeable future.

The previous trailer, showing gameplay, can be seen here.

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