Gravity Ghost Finds a New Haunt on PS4

Gravity Ghost, the gravity puzzler developed by indie development studio Ivy Games, is making its way to PS4. The announcement was made alongside mention of the inclusion of timed exclusive content for the console.

A puzzler that follows a lonely journey through the cosmos in search of survivors and mythical magical guardians, Gravity Ghost allows players to control the actions of a ghost in space that navigates each level by using the gravitational field of different moons and planets in orbit. Players can pick up gold stars and other items spread throughout each level, using momentum to get to hard-to-reach areas and the rewards therein. The move to PS4 comes with a number of additions, including three new tracks by the composer for FTL, Ben Prunty. The game will also incorporate a new constellation with new challenge levels to keep players on their toes, and a new unlockable character.


Gravity Ghost is already available for PC, Mac, and Linux computers. For more information about the upcoming port to console, gamers can keep up-to-date by following the developers on Twitter, or liking the game on Facebook. We reached out to Gravity Rush protagonist Kat for a statement about her thoughts on a new gravity gal coming to the PlayStation family, but we were informed by a curious cat named Dusty that she’s too busy with an upcoming project to comment.

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