Gravity Core Pulls in Players, Makes Them Regret It

There are few things in life I like less than repeatedly hitting my head against the wall, but Gravity Games’ new title, Gravity Core, looks like the kind of wall that is just begging to have a forehead kiss it at high speeds. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I think that’s kind of the point. The game is described by its creator as an “Anti-casual Braintwisting Space Shooter,” which, while a mouthful, does seem to be a decent way of describing the game. Players are in control of a pair of ships bound together by a beam of light.

Gravity Core screenshot

In order to survive, both ships will have to be controlled in three-dimensional space; in addition to rotating the ships left and right to slide through narrow gaps, players will also have to spin the ships forward and back, essentially rocking back and forth around obstacles. Add to that some level design intended to make every player scream incoherently, and there’s a potential recipe for a beautiful, space-themed wall for the aforementioned head-hitting.


Gravity Core is launching July 1st, and gamers will be able to purchase it for $9.99 USD from its Steam page, and find out more about Gravity Games from their website or Twitter pageGravity Core will be launching for Windows PCs only to start, but the developers say they have a Linux/SteamOS version in beta now (no word on a Mac version, unfortunately).

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  • “Now there are all these nasty red spots.” Hello HAL.