Gravia Tactics – Prestigious TRPG Project to Launch Kickstarter

Indie developer Punchbag Entertainment announced that their latest creative endeavor, Gravia Tactics, will be getting the KickStarter treatment in early July.

Gravia Tactics is a passion project developed by a dev team of two, and they hope that it will go beyond being “the tactical RPG they have always wanted to play”, and being a title that can rival even the greats that loom over the TRPG realm. Gravia Tactics will aim to be one of the most engrossing TRPG experiences ever crafted.

Gamers can expect a beautifully designed RPG world, with anime inspired graphics, hand-drawn environments, and fully voiced interactions between major characters that will bring the game world to life. The battle system will be one to challenge, as every AI enemy is designed from the ground up to understand the field of battle like an actual player. Added upon the 20 something battle mechanics and the freedom to build characters in your own desired way, Gravia Tactics could very well become one of the most intense and engrossing TRPGs.


Punchbag Entertainment plans to have the Kickstarter go live early July, and you can be sure that we will provide a link to the campaign, as well as any new, juicy information on this prestigious title. Those with access to Xbox Live can also give the developer’s previous game, Brimstonea try.

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