Gravia Tactics – Kickstarter Campaign Launched

Punchbag Entertainment have just launched the Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming, and quite awesome looking title, Gravia Tactics. With a goal of £120,000 to help bring this game into reality, Punchbag Entertainment can use all the help they can get in helping spread the word around.

The game aims to tell a mature, story-driven narrative with a focus on small party mechanics. It is set in the polluted world of Gravia, a land that has seen many a year of heavy industrialization, and where the most prized commodity is Sludge. The consumption of Sludge has up to this point been abused greatly, but now the world is on the brink of no longer being needing it, as the use of magic is on the rise. Magic is a much more pure solution, but it is a new solution that some will stop at nothing to prevent. Before long, the heroes of the tale find themselves being plunged head-first into a journey that will reveal many things about their world, and themselves.

The Kickstarter will run until August 26, and also has some enticing stretch goals, as well as some nice rewards for those that offer their support. If Gravia Tactics sounds like the game for you, then spread the word on some social networks, and maybe even shout about it from the rooftops. Whatever way you can to get the word out.

Gravia Tactics will be the second game by London based developer Punchbag Entertainment, their first title being Brimstone, a hack-and-slash RPG for Xbox Live.

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