Google Play Update: February 9 – Gravity Racing Madness, Bloody Monsters, + More

Gravity Racing Madness

With hundreds of new apps making their debut,  being updated, or dropping in price on the Google Play Store everyday, it can be hard to keep up with the latest mobile indie games. We’ve sorted through them so you don’t have to. Here’s the latest in mobile indie games on Android!

New Releases

Audiotennis - Voice ControlledAudiotennis – Voice Controlled – (Free)

Audiotennis – Voice Controlled. You play Audiotennis with your voice! Say aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh to move your paddle. Score 3 to win the game.



AVOIDAvoid – (Free)

Game is based on a high score. There is a power up that randomly gives you +10 or + 100( but with a lil twist it will increase the speed for 3 sec so you have to be skillful). When you shake the mobile device you will change the background color.


BlockageBlockage – ($0.99)

Welcome to a logic oriented game. This is not for the zombie shooters. In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored blocks that need to be carefully positioned in order to fill color gaps. This is not for the Fruit-Ninja-slicers. Each level of Blockage requires logic, logic and more logic to solve. Click on the block, move it around and feel the challenge growing stronger and stronger.

Bloody MonstersBloody Monsters – (Free)

Shoot the bloody monsters & survive the carnage, in this extremely fun arcade shooter game with a bouncy twist. Bloody Monsters provides hours of entertainment as you master the art of a shooter in this fun shooting game. The monsters are everywhere and your job is to “Shoot The Bloody Monsters”! You have limited bullets but they bounce all over the place.

BuuGs!BuuGs! – (Free)

Squash the bugs! Fun for your commute or when you have a few minutes to kill! Insects are moving all over the screen…Touch two identical insects to gain points and time. there are also special insects and combos…Try to set a high score! This is the FREE version which is score limited. Buy the full version for unlimited play!

Gravity Racing MadnessGravity Racing Madness – (Free)

Gravity Racing Madness – in the far future a singularity has torn gravity into two opposing forces splitting the universe in two dimensions. You are ONE of a small elite of pilots known as GRAVITEERS. You have the ability to switch between the worlds with opposing gravities with a simple touch to your display. Your mission is to defeat time and space to fight the singularity. Complete 50+ stages as fast as possible to restore order.

RoboteerRoboteer – ($1.00)

Robotics is all about problem analysis, design, engineering, testing, prototyping, breaking down, starting over, redesigning, retesting, etc, until you eventually have a robot that solves the problem. Roboteer brings this process to a non-technical game level where the player is the Robotics Engineer, i.e Roboteer, who has to perform all the tasks of the Robotics Engineer.

StiledStiled – (Free)

Stiled is a puzzle game where the player has to complete puzzles based on tiles! While also being accompanied by synchronized music and player generated beats, the player can advance from casual to hardcore levels, in two different and fun game modes.


Warfare & HavocWarfare & Havoc – (Free)

Twenty-seven action-filled and intense missions challenge the player’s skills, speed and logic. Learn to command troops and carry out tactical maneuvers! Made for everyone who loves action and explosions.