‘Gomo’ All New Point-And-Click Capers Coming To The PC December 6th


Just yesterday Daedalic Entertainment, the indie development company responsible for some critically acclaimed point-and-click adventure titles ( most notable: Harvey’s New Eyes, and the Deponia series), revealed their next release with Gomo.

Gomo has been developed by Fishcow Studio, a small Slovakian based development team hoping to come out strong with Gomo, the studios first title.

The game follows Gomo the unlikely protagonist who must battle the forces of evil to save his much loved dog, after it was captured by aliens.

Gomo has been created in a very distinctive comic style that helps paint a warm and colorful picture of the world Gomo lives in. All the environments have been hand drawn and really do create a nice and interesting aesthetic to base the game in.

With such a strong and healthy back catalog of point-and-click adventure games Daedalic Entertainment know this genre well, so it goes without saying that fans of the genre should keep this title on their radar.

Gomo ss01

Gomo is scheduled for release on December 6th for PC and expected to retail at £6.99 which is approximately $11 or €8. You can find out more on the official Gomo site.

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  • MugBuldoon

    So it’s basically Samorost 2, but hand drawn?