Go Play Free Game Boy Games and Vote for the Best from GBJam 3

If you are like me, you’re a little too broke to come up with the money to buy 254 brand new games. Well, we’re both in luck, as Game Jolt’s third Game Boy Jam, GBJAm 3, has just wrapped up, and there are 254 different entries you can play for free, voting on which you think are the best. It really doesn’t matter what your taste in games is, as there are so many entries from all different genres that there will probably be something you’ll enjoy.

Somehow, with only ten days to make these games, the developers have created some really incredible artwork. Creating beauty with the Game Boy’s restrictions can be hard enough on its own, but these developers weaved dark magics to create some truly gorgeous artwork in the time allotted. Just look at the screens for games like Sundae Island: A Dog’s Tale, Castle Fade, Meowgical Tower (from the talented team that created the ridiculous, addictive shmup about a forgetful goldfish, Shutshimi), Cryoborg, and Octane Witch. It’s bound to impress. Then again, there are also just as many games going in the opposite direction, using the art style to make some pretty silly stuff. Whether you want something serious or funny, this Jam has you covered.


Then again, if artwork isn’t your thing, then you can surely enjoy the many genres and playstyles here. If you want to blast aliens, punch faces, explore horrifying environments, or solve a puzzle, it’s all in there. Thousands of hours of fun are contained here, after all, and all for free. The judging period runs until August 19, 2014, so you can help out your favorite entries by giving them a vote before time runs out.

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  • GrizT00f

    I love that stuff like this happens in the world. Keep it retro homies!