Go Ghost Hunting with Poltergus


Being the host of a reality television show never looked so good, especially when there’s a talking dog involved. Oh, and a ghost. Gus, the dog, and Nancy, the television ghost-host with the most, are two good friends who host a paranormal reality television show in the newest game from Rad Sandwich Studios, Poltergus. Poltergus is a funny story of two friends just trying to get their big break on television as ghost hunters in a world where ghosts are important, productive members of society.

Players can control both of the characters as they guide them through a mystery adventure that unfolds in front of (and behind) the television cameras. Between finding clues and one-on-one interviews, Poltergus combines the friendship and horror aspects that Rad Sandwich Studios’ previous games – Spacebro Justice Rocket and RadOS — mastered so well.

Rad Sandwich Studios is building Poltergus to combine virtual reality and reality television in innovative and unexpected ways, but players need not worry:  The game will still be fully playable without any virtual reality hardware.

Poltergus 3

Poltergus is the reality television that some have always wanted to see, but never had a chance to experience. Now, the television is in the players’ hands. It will be released in spring of 2016 for both PC and mobile. Rad Sandwich Studios is planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign sometime this fall.

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