Gladiators Online Releases Game-changing Update

The indie dev team at Dorado Games recently introduced a significant update to their game Gladiators Online, dubbed the Combat Expansion. The new expansion offers enhanced player involvement in combat, removing random quick time events (QTEs), and replacing them with tactical skills that players can unleash when needed.

Back in November of 2014, Dorado Games explained that their massively multiplayer browser-based title Gladiators Online entered Beta testing. Since then, the team has managed to analyze 10 million game sessions and monitored player feedback, which helped them develop the content for the Combat Expansion. Dorado Games was established in 2007 by founders Nick Porsche and Simon Dotschuweit, who have collectively worked on more than 60 titles across all platforms, with Porsche’s latest success being the MMO Battlestar Galatica Online, where he served as Creative Director.

Gladiators Online - Enhanced Combat System (01)

In Gladiators Online, players choose and customize their very own gladiator, then take to the Coliseum in bloody battles against other players. From there, players can level up their champions, upgrade and manage the House, compete for fans by engaging in deadly battles, and outbid rivals in auctions.

The Combat Expansion changes the game dramatically by removing all QTEs, instead giving players the ability to bring 10 of the 60 newly reworked skills into battle. Proper execution of those skills, along with the ultimate outcome of the battle, now plays a more significant role in determining how players acquire bigger audience numbers. For players new to the title entirely, the added content also comes with a full tutorial, which walks through all core aspects of the game.

For a full readout of the updates, or to register an account and play the game, visit the Gladiators Online website.

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