Gladiators Online – Purchase, Train, and Equip Gladiators to Fight in your Honor

Dorado Online Games recently Beta released their game Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor, a browser-based massive multiplayer game. Players will be introduced to the world of ancient Rome as a Lanista, otherwise known as someone who owns and manages gladiators. By competing their gladiators against each other, players will climb the ranks, fighting in more prestigious fights and earning honor as one of the best Lanistas.
Gladiators Online - 08
Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor is a combat-management game with high-end 3D graphics to portray the gruesome combat as it unfolds onscreen. Players will purchase slaves, sometimes through intense auctions with other players, and will then focus on developing that slave into a worthy fighter. Every detail is important in their development, as a gladiator may suffer injury or even permadeath within the arena. Players will earn money through successful gladiator fights that they can use to expand their business, hire professional staff, and find fresh talent.
Gladiators Online - 01
Players can decide on what workout routines gladiators will follow, and can give their fighters specialized equipment for an advantage. Gladiators Online allows players to control all levels of planning and financing when it comes to managing a gladiator team. They will also be able to use special skills driven by quick time events in order to excite the fans within the arena.
Currently in Beta, gamers can try Gladiators Online: Death Before Dishonor by visiting the official website here. Learn more by following Dorado Online Games on Facebook.

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