Giant Samurai Fights off Kaiju in Attack on Kaiju 2 HD

The Kaiju are at it again! They smashed their way through Japan in the latest Godzilla, and did their best to wipe out the human race in Pacific Rim, too. So far, humans (or a large prehistoric lizard) have managed to beat them back to whatever fresh hell they spawned from, but they’re resilient. The Kaiju have returned, this time in Bribser’s free action game for iOS and Android devices, Attack on Kaiju 2 HD.


Luckily, in this Okinawa-based studio’s game, the humans aren’t alone in their struggle. A Kaijin (Japanese for “humanoid monster”), which looks like an equally-gigantic samurai, is going to give the Kaiju a reason to never bother Earth again. Playing as the Kaijin, gamers use simple tap controls to fight off the creatures. Using a turn-based attack and defense system, players must tap the screen at the right time to attack or defend, with the effectiveness being decided by how good the player is at timing.

AoK2 2

Attack on Kaiju 2 HD also boasts Unreal Engine 4 visuals, aiming to give the samurais and monsters a high-quality edge. Though Bribser is only made up of three 3-D designers and one programmer, the team decided to push themselves to learn the ins and outs the engine. The reason behind this was the fact that the team believes that “great visuals make [gamer’s] experiences richer and more exciting.” In addition, samurais can rival each other around the world – presumably using a leaderboard of some kind – giving the Kaijin an extra reason to put everything into their battles.

Attack on Kaiju 2 is a continuation of Bribser’s initial iOS and Android title, which featured similar gameplay using 2D, paper-like visuals.

AoK2 3

For gamers that feel like taking out a few Kaiju, Attack on Kaiju 2 HD is free on the iOS and Android. More information can also be found on Bribser’s official website, although only for those that speak fluent Japanese, or trust their translator.