GhostControl Inc. Upgrades to Version 3.0

Developer bumblebee. has recently released an update to its strategy game GhostControl Inc. The upgrade comprises of new features as well as improved game performance.


In the game, players control a group of ghost hunters as they face off against various paranormal beings in London. The combat is turn-based and gameplay relies heavily on strategic supervision, and the team that players govern can earn income from ridding houses of ghosts. This money can then be spent upgrading the team and purchasing new equipment. Ghosts are not the only threat present, however, as players will also have to face competitors in the field of ghost hunting.


The version 3.0 update brings a new enemy type, which provides new challenges. Additional items and gameplay features are present as well, including exploding televisions and the potential for chain reactions in combat. The update also implements various bug fixes as well as optimized performance. Also, the game tutorial can now be skipped, and players have the ability to manually change screen resolutions in the options menu.


GhostControl Inc. is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. The game can be purchased through Steam for $14.99 USD and is estimated to contain approximately 20 hours of gameplay. For more information, check out GhostControl Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.