Get Your Degree in Blasting Jerks from Dr Green

Being an environmentalist can be hard, especially when the people wrecking your forest home seem to be a little unhinged. It gets even harder if you can’t call on a super powered blue eco-hero with a green mullet to back you up by smashing things, while flying around in red underwear. If you’re the title character of Johan Aronsson’s Dr. Green, all you can do is grab that science-y pea gun you have and start blasting all of the bad people polluting your forest, turning them into harmless bursts of leaves. It’s not much of a plan, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll start seeing results.


Dr. Green‘s troubles with the greedy corporations cutting down his woodland home sprawl out across eight different levels, each guarded by some strange bosses. Giant, sweaty woodcutters and giant, drunken ship captains stand in the way of you and a little peace and quiet with your talking flowers. While the game’s silly humor may make it sound easy, the game draws inspiration from Mega Man and other challenging retro games, and Aronsson himself says that the game is meant to be difficult. You’ll need to practice with that literal pea shooter if you’ll want to cross the toxic waste dumps and chugging oil rigs between you and the man behind it all. Does this guy have some connection to the time Dr Green was orphaned in the woods as a child? Probably.


While on your way, don’t forget to save the animals that have been caged. Not only do they boost your score (which affects your game’s ending), it’s also nice just to make skunks happy by giving them their freedom. For $2.99, you too can feel good about saving the environment and caged animals, and stopping polluters instead of tromping around a World Heritage Site. Doesn’t that just sound like a better idea?


Dr. Green is available for $2.99 on Steam and the developer’s site. You can find out more information by heading to that site, or by following the game on Twitter. You can also follow Aronsson himself on Twitter.

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