Get Thinking with Brainstorm

With the holidays coming up, there are plenty of chances for people to get together with family and friends. Instead of fighting over who gets the last roll at dinner, fight over who can get the best score with a little party-game rivalry in Brainstorm. People are probably already going to be trying to check their phones, anyway, and here’s a way to have a bit of fun while doing it.


Brainstorm is a party game with nine different categories of gameplay, to engage players of all ages. Instead of throwing potatoes at the dinner table and sneaking peas under napkins, players sketch, match, list categories, draw, and sort in order to beat out their family and friends. There’s also a category where players can engage in charades, so that cousin who already jumps around like a monkey might just rack up the most points.

The game requires a minimum of four players, two per team, but there’s not a limit on the number of people that can play. Players choose to play all of the categories, or select only a few favorite games to play. If the family wants to squeeze in a quick round before the turkey is out of the oven, there’s also an option to choose a round length for the game.


Brainstorm released just in time for the holidays on November 19. The game is available for iOS and Android devices for $2.99 USD. It can be played on iPhones, but is optimized for the iPad.

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