Get Revenge on Careless Bar Patrons in Wasteland Bar Fight

Kybernesis, a development team hailing from Norway, recently released their new game Wasteland Bar Fight for Beta testing on iTunes (registration required), Google Play, and Windows Phone. The game is free with in-game ads, and some changes are to come, depending on the results of the Beta test. The premise is that you’re a guy drinking in a bar, when you get into an altercation with another patron. This patron spills your beer, and the fight is on. You manage to attract the attention of every (shirtless) guy in the place, all of whom decide that they hate you now. Fight them off, beat the mini-bosses and main bosses, and keep your dignity. Well, as much as you can be dignified in a bar brawl.

WBF Gerges Roundhouse Kick

On mobile, simply tap to deliver punches, and swipe to deliver kicks. While kicks are more powerful, they are slower, so saving them for smaller numbers of enemies is often a good plan. If you get injured or tired, you can heal up by drinking more beer. But drink too much, and you vomit. Drink moonshine, and your health goes down and you vomit, which isn’t exactly a winning combination. Players deal more damage with rage, and use combinations of taps and swipes to deliver devastating combos. Achievements can also be unlocked for even more brutal takedowns. Basically, you get to drink booze and break faces. If that’s your thing, follow the links above to download the newest versions, and get to fighting.

WBF Gerges Drinking WasterPiss

Don’t forget to follow Kybernesis on Facebook and Twitter for more information about this and other projects. (Be sure to give them feedback for further improvement!) Simply leave comments on the app page for whatever platform you’ve downloaded it for, and look for updates in the weeks to come.

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