Get Ready to Defend Yourselves…Because Zombies

From Ben Hindle (a former developer at Bioware), under the development moniker DoubleSmoked Software, comes Because Zombies, a tower defense game with a few features one might expect from the FPS genre. The story sees a father engaged in a search across a zombie-infested city for his daughter. Along the way, he meets others fighting for their lives, and together the group try to conquer the waves of enemies headed their way, using whatever tools they can find to aid them in their quest.

There are a number of obstacles along the way, even beside the hoards of undead, and players will need to find creative means of disposing of all that stand in the way of survival. Dumpsters, buses, buildings…anything can be a barricade. Poison canisters can be shot to provide explosive disposal, attack dogs can be set upon the enemy, and even C4 bombs are available. To survive, players must set characters up in the most advantageous location, set up traps – there are even brains to be used as lures! Think Plants vs. Zombies and Orcs Must Die for inspiration and gameplay, and Half-Life for characters and weapons, and that’s the basic idea of Because Zombies; but of course every game has its own twist, and this one has its unique player perspective.


Because Zombies is available on iTunes for iOS devices ($1.99), and on Google Play for Android ($1.64). Follow Ben Hindle on Twitter for even more updates on this and future projects from DoubleSmoked Software.

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