Get Ready For A ‘Stampede 3D’


If you’ve ever wanted to do the running of the bulls but without all the running and the gouging of flesh by giant horns, the perfect alternative has just arrived in the form of Flyleap StudiosStampede 3D.

The goal in this latest action title is to survive the incoming horde as it strides towards you. The three characters you’ll get to choose from will have a range of moves available, with a robust RPG levelling system that will allow you to upgrade your chosen warrior’s spells and abilities. The more you upgrade, the more likely you’ll be able to last against the varied enemy types.


There are 20 levels on offer across multiple themes in all, with the ability to use traps and power ups scattered across each level that can give you the edge in a tight spot. It’s all put together in a casual gameplay style so anyone can pick up and play, though there’s a challenge to be had for sure. It’s also extremely pretty to look at if the above video is any indication.

Hooked? Then you can download Stampede 3D from the App Store for $1.99 and you can also visit the Flyleap Studio website to check in on some of their other projects.